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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the most popular questions we hear from day to day.


How long does it take to get service on my machine?

Sometimes we are able to diagnosis issues over the phone leading to a quick repair.  Other times a diagnosis trip is required to determine the problem.  Typically a diagnosis trip can be scheduled within a day or two after your request.


Why is it so dificult to get service on the equipment I purchased on-line?

Unfortunately many on-line dealers acquire their products through a "black market" network and the equipment they sell has been "flagged" by a manufacture.   Since we have working relationships with all major manufactures, we have to conform to a code of conduct in which the manufacture sets.   In order to stop the unauthorized distribution of high end exercise equipment, our company can only service equipment purchased through authorized dealers.  


Do I need to lubricate my walking belt (treadmill)?

Many treadmills require lubrication although it may not be indicated in the owner’s manual.   This is due to the increase in companies claiming to have "maintenance free" decks.   FYI:  All treadmill decks have a "wear surface" and once the surface is worn out... you will need to replace or flip your deck.  So the answer is....  You should follow the recommendations in your manual although if you have a used machine or a machine that is out of warranty, we strongly suggest you lubricate your deck!    


Are squeeks normal on exercise equipment

Squeaks that do not go away are not normal.   Your equipment should work "squeak free" and if you continue to hear noises or squeaks that do not subside, please call us to schedule an appointment.


My treadmill keeps flipping the breaker in my house

If your treadmill is using an outlit that is on a GFCI breaker.... The only solution is to remove the GFCI outlet and replace it with a standard outlet. If your home was built in 2010 or later, you will want to return the outlet to the original GFCI outlet if you have your home inspected to sell it.

I am going to recommend you have a qualified and licensed electrician replace the outlet. The part itself is usually around $4 to $5 at a home improvement store, but if you have no experience in electrical work, you can risk injury or even death if you don’t do it right. (Ironically the point of the GFCI in the first place).   If your treadmill is NOT using a GFCI outlet, then you are experiencing "high AMP draw" and typically this can be corrected by lubricating your deck.  If you continue to flip breakers after lubricating the treadmill deck, you will most likely need to replace your deck and belt.

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