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About Us?

FIT SHOP is the joint efforts of Alfredo Salgado and Stan Terry.   Alfredo has been working in the fitness service field for many years and when Stan asked him to join together in developing a pure "fitness equipment service company" that was capable of handling all service work in the Houston area with the highest quality work in a timely manner...  Alfredo left his position from Life Fitness and formed Fit Shop.    Today Fit Shop handles all warranty and non-warranty service calls from the following Specialty Fitness Stores:  Fitness Unlimited, Busy Body, Winston Fitness and  


The Fit Shop team has an average of 10 years’ experience per technician.  Authorized and very capable of servicing all cardio equipment from Life Fitness, Precor, Cybex, Matrix, LifeSpan, Landice, True and Vision Fitness.   

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